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Enterprise Application Software has transformed the most difficult to manage aspects of business into a network driven cakewalk.The complexities of business requirements keep increasing exponentially with the increase in the size of the business. Mission critical applications that assist an enterprise to simplify business issues are known as enterprise applications or enterprise application software. Enterprise applications are designed to either work as stand alone applications or keeping in mind that they have to be integrated with other applications already being used within the organization. Enterprise applications are typically deployed over the internet, intranet or the corporate network and are guided by a strict set of security policies.
At Extol Technologies, we understand the importance of mobile presence and how it compliments the customer reach. We have established application development methodologies that ensure a smart and to the point display. By analyzing thoroughly the minutest of requirements, we suggest our clients about what kind of a mobile presence; mobile applications, mobile web apps or mobile websites would serve their purpose best. We are experienced in mobile development for all well known mobile platforms, their native development kits, functionalities, features and other third party development alternatives. Our products are robust in nature, promise the expected user experience and have the strength to withstand the required scale up to match with future anticipations.
Cloud computing is a client-server mechanism, one that connects to resources from multiple internet-connected devices. These devices have lower barriers for access to the cloud. It essentially means that applications are made live through the use of many computers that exist online, rather than a local computer or web server. The same concept can be applied to web applications. An access to hosted applications and data along with cloud-based development services together define web applications on cloud. In terms of web development, both Google and Amazon have been leaders of the game. There are other cloud-based development platforms like Codeita which allows developers to do everything from a cloud perspective.
The challenge is to deliver perfect product not just once, but again and again. To do this, one has to begin with sound strategy and right processes along with robust testing throughout the development process. It makes more sense to have longer waiting periods for the delivery of a quality rich product than produce a potentially flawed one in lesser time. For lesser consumption of resources, time, money and energy it is wiser to incorporate testing in every phase of development especially in the initial stages. Another aspect of software development that closely resembles testing is Quality Assurance.

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These days most customers do not have the time to fully document their requirements or they change frequently due to changing market conditions, customer feedback or the business model. This makes Agile development the preferred approach at Extol Technologies.
We have developed effective processes for communication, configuration management and issue tracking to facilitate visibility by the customer. The company has well-defined communication and issue resolution procedures to ensure consistency in project requirement interpretation, coordination with the customer and effective project management.

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We take a long-term approach, we invest considerable time in getting to know your business, your technical requirements and what you are looking for from your software partner. We do this to ensure we continue to provide you with outstanding service that ensures your software meets your business goals.
Whether we are developing a new system, or supporting an existing system, you will always have direct access to the technical team. We will keep you updated with regular project updates, face to face meetings and service reviews. Our team are highly qualified and able to explain what the impact a technical change will have on your system and your business. We regularly run user workshops as part of our requirements gathering process, but our team are highly skilled in bringing your team on board with the project.